• DCAA CertificationElite Government Solutions will step you through getting your DCAA Certificate
  • Real Solutions Right NowWe can refine your business systems with efficient software tools and superior business practices
  • Accounting and PlanningWe'll make sure your accounting system meets DCAA Federal requirements
  • Client Spesific PlanningOur services are tailored for each individual client so we can support your business effectively
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Welcome to Elite Government Solutions, LLC

Whether you’re experienced with government contracting or new to the game, our team of government contracting specialists are here to guide you through the complicated process of developing a business system that will be acceptable to the government. Whether it’s selecting the right accounting software solution, training staff, preparing for an audit, or maintaining your accounting system, we have a solution to meet your needs.

  • Get DCAA Compliant

    The federal government requires government contractors to maintain accounting systems and practices that are very different from the commercial world. [ More... ]

  • Services

    Elite Government Solutions services clients locally as well as nationally. Our professional team works with government contractors to help create/maintain internal control structures [ More... ]

  • Bookkeeping Support

    Our bookkeeping services are tailored to meet each of our client’s needs, as well as meeting the requirements of the DCAA. Some of the services we provide are: [ More... ]